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MS Boys Basketball

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Great Time To Be A Maverick Parent!

What a Time to be a Maverick! SW athletics is introducing paperless registration for all athletes. This registration tool will eliminate a ton of paperwork, binders, and repetitive sign ups. 8 to 18 Registration tool will shift the Athletics department into a new age. Parents, all athletes are required to be registered prior to tryouts […]

Proper Preparation

Your preparation and attitude can be major factors in the outcomes of games.  As one of my former coaches use to tell me “failure to prepare is preparing to fail”. This statement definitely applied last night.  There were many lessons to be learned  last night loss, and I believe the team understood them loud and clear. […]

Mavericks Prevail To Win Emerging Leaders Tournament!

The Neighborhood Centers Emerging Leaders Youth Program started as an afternoon school program to inspire youth to try different extracurricular activities. This program introduces children to sports, music, art, etc. Just recently, they started working with the Ripley House Promise Charter School to provide sports programs for the middle school students. The message of the […]

Mavs Place 2nd In The YES District!!!

The philosophy Mavericks players stuck to all year long embodied teamwork, loyalty, and accountability. They set a goal of becoming champions at the beginning of the season. Wanting something is never enough. You must hunger for it or be willing to fight through the barriers. That thought process is absolutely compelling in order to overcome […]

Mavericks Secure Third Seed For The Tournament!

An unsung hero is defined as a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution. They make a profound and positive impact on the course of history. History does not have be defined as a universal standard, but can be an internal process. Unsung hero’s demonstrate extraordinary courage, compassion, and sacrifice without seeking approval or […]

Mavericks Bounce Back Against East End!

Mavericks were looking to bounce back from a two game losing streak against East End. The common theme throughout the season was to do more than expected. Basketball is not just something you play for fun at this stage. It is something you feel. It starts in believing in yourself and put the ball in […]

Toe To Toe With Southeast!

Early scores career high 31 to lead Southwest, but team fail short in the fourth quarter! The most successful teams in any sport all seem to share one common trait, “Superior Teamwork.” Partnership between players provides the ability to come together and work as one to reach the ultimate goal. The one true signature in […]

Maverick Nation Schedule Week of January 11 – January 17

Here’s a preview of this week’s events for Yes Prep Southwest Campus High School, January 11 – January 17 MONDAY January 11, 2016 5:30 PM Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Harmony HH SCHEDULE 6:30 PM Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Harmony HH SCHEDULE TUESDAY January 12, 2016 5:30 PM Girls Varsity Basketball vs. YP Brays Oaks (Senior […]

The Battle of Anderson Road!

What is a rivalry? A rivalry developed from the simple product of competition between different teams. It a series of ritualism that develop over time through games or even scrimmages, but fans want to disrupt this ritual into their favor. The Battle of Anderson Road might not be a rivalry now, but is a ritual […]

Unsung Heroes Deliver a Win for the Mavericks!

Every team have their stars of the team that everyone looks to for answers. It is the player that all the fans know about. Regardless of this fact, coaches look for production from every player and many may consider them role players. Their stats may not fill up the box scores, but the impact they […]

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