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Multiple Teams · MS Lady Mavs Win Home Opener


On Thursday, October 14th, the Lady Mavs showed out in their first match of the season against Kipp Spirit. The nerves were strong, but their spirit was stronger as they came out on top two games in a row to pull out a win. Starting on the court was Torah Williams, Leslie Molina, Maria Juarez, Briana Galvan, Kate Medina, and Ginger Strawder.

While our serving was slow to start, the girls showed their strong will to win by working as a team to call their balls and out-pass the other team. The Lady Mavs started off a few points short in the first match, but came back when they caught their stride passing back over the net. Ginger Strawderm Maria Juarez, and Briana Galvin were stand-outs in the match. Ginger was last in the serving rotation, but held the team up with six consecutive strong serves that either started a volley in which the Mavs were able to return or resulted in a strike of a serve.

Briana Galvin, a positive and uplifting leader on the Lady Mavs, held down the front line by calling the ball and profitable passes that were controlled, yet powerful. Maria Juarez, an athlete by all means, played with everything she had by sliding and diving for any pass that came her way; she was determined to not let a single ball hit the ground.

The Lady Mavs will face-off against Kipp Academy on Thursday, September 21st at 5:30 in Maverick Nation. We hope to see a strong crowd of support.