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Multiple Teams · Resilience and Brilliance

The Lady Mavs had two matches this week on Monday, October 2nd and Wednesday, October 4th.

On Monday, the girls played their hearts out but were outplayed by Yes Prep West. A star player in the first match was Leslie Molina. Her serves kept the girls in the game and passing the ball around. The Lady Mavs held their heads up, as they played West, an undefeated team. While they struggled to communicate effectively, they were still able to work hard and get a few points on the board.

Torah Williams and Maria Juarez were two strong competitors that were able to help keep the team on the board.

On Wednesday, the Lady Mavs fought back and finish the week on a strong note. They started the match being down by a few points but knew they could not go down without a fight. Leslie Molina brought the game back by her powerful serves and her teammates could protect their court and keep the ball on the ground on the return.

Kate Medina also served effectively and was able to protect the net by passing and setting. Evelyn Hernandez also had a few strong passes and helped Kate protect the net as well.

The Lady Mavs are now 3-3 and hope to work their way up on the leaderboards next week.