Mavericks News · Miss Free Throws and Lack of Execution Downs Mavericks

The truth about basketball is that we cannot be great at man defense, zone defense, fast break transition, motion offense, rebounding, passing, pressing, and so on. We will be either poor or mediocre in all those areas. There just is not enough time in practice to cover all areas. As a coach, if I emphasize everything, then I am not teaching anything. Every team from the high school level to the NBA has an identity that fits their team. We know that the Golden State Warriors are going to run in transition, and play great man to man switching defense to create turnovers. We know that the Duke Blue Devils will be great at man to man, offensive transition, and communication. The answer we are searching for is our identity.

The 4 things we will focus on as a team is:

  1. Play GREAT pressure defense for 4 quarters
  2. GREAT team rebounding
  3. GREAT in attacking in transition that puts us in the position to take high percentage shots.
  4. Make at least 70% of our free throws as a team.

Northside pressure the basketball all night. They played harder than us from the beginning of the game until the end. In addition, they shot the ball well from the 3-point line. Those were some of the factors in the game, but we were still winning by 8 with 5 minutes to go. In addition, we were in the bonus. As a team, we went 2-16 from the free throw line and took low percentage shots that got them back in the game during that five minutes. We must learn how to take our time on offense and be able to close out games better.

There were some bright spots. Senior Paul Boston provided much-needed scoring in the paint and is adjusting well for his first year. Freshman Frank Trejo found himself playing critical minutes and maturing as he plays more games. I am excited about both players this season.

Senior, Cameron Jacobs leads the team with 18 points.