Mavericks News · Slow Start puts Mavericks in a 25 Point Deficit

In my 17 years of coaching, I never witness a game that players showed no effort to win. As a competitive person, it drives me up the wall when players to do not compete. The point of joining a team is to work together for a common goal. You only meet those goals with hard work and dedication to your team. We lost the battle for loose balls and had rebounds taken away from us. We played no pressure defense and allowed Faith Christian Academy to run their offense as we were just decoys on the court. There were times that we were back in transition but still allowed layups as we showed no will to contest. At this moment, I had only a few options as a coach.

  1. Call a timeout and regroup
  2. Let them play through it

I decided to let them play through it and treat it as a learning experience as I made substitutions in the desperate search to find players that wanted to play and lead this team to victory. As we went in halftime, I told the team that this is still our game. We must play harder and cut the lead one play at a time. I always believe that defeat does not finish a player, quit does. A player is not finish when they are defeated at the time. They are finish when they do not continue to fight and quit. Frank Trejo, Jabes Navarrete, Travis Ealy, Julius Wilson and Paul Boston totally changed their game in the second half. Paul ran the floor for easy baskets and became a man on a mission in getting rebounds on both ends of the floor. Frank and Jabes increase the pressure on defense to create turnovers for easy opportunities. Travis navigated the team and Big JU was great on both ends of the floor. We cut the lead down to 4 points with little over 1 minute remaining. However, we did not covert on our last four offensive possessions. If we would have started the game with the same energy in the second half, we would have been in a better position. Nevertheless, we did not close out the game well. Our focus for the coming weeks is to work on game time situations, free throws, and pressure defense.

Travis Ealy lead the team with 18 points.