Mavericks News · Varsity Lady Mavs Season Updates!

Learning Together

11/7/17 vs Beren Academy Stars

Lady Mavs faced Beren Academy Stars for their pre-season opener. Beren Academy is a tall athletic and aggressive team and the Lady Mavs battled point for point in the beginning but struggled as the game continued to find a rhythm. With a few new faces including Senior Liavonni Eaglin, Freshman Yolanda Martinez, and Wendy Huerta — the mavericks were desperately trying to find cohesiveness as a team.

The Stars took advantage of the communication break down on defense and continued to drive the lane and put a few Lady Mavs in foul trouble. As the game came to a close Southwest fell to Beren Academy 43-30. However, Yes Prep girls walked off the court knowing more about their teammates, which is far more valuable than a win. Sophomore Nyja Quash and Senior Liavonni Eaglin, led the Lady Mavericks with 6 points each.


Lady Mavs Battle White Oak

11/10/17 vs White Oak Owls

Lady Mavs faced White Oak Owls in a pre-season showdown on Friday, November 10th and while the Owls only had 5 players, they came fully prepared to battle until the end. Basketball is a contact sport. Sometimes we forget that this isn’t tennis, or chess, or badminton; this game involves a lot of constant physical contact with another player. While the aforementioned sports/activities are demanding in their own ways, the amount of physical contact is significantly decreased.

The Lady Mavericks battled right back with the Owls, trading fouls, free throws, and battle wounds. At halftime the Lady Mavs led 9-6, with such a low scoring first-half, victory was in sight for both teams. Yes Prep made some adjustments second half and started attacking more aggressively and putting White Oak in some serious foul trouble. About 3 minutes into the 4th quarter one of White Oak’s guards fouled out and the Owls were forced to play with four players for the remainder of the game. Lady Mavs took full advantage and pulled away with a 17-15 win, leaving all of their frustrations on the court, and grabbing a few ice packs and bandages for their wounds. The Lady Mavericks had to learn how to play through adversity. Junior Kimberly Mireles lead the Lady Mavs with 9 points.


Southwest vs Northside

11/14/17 vs Northside Pride

Northside Pride is a solid team but they were not enough to hold back Southwest Lady Mavericks. This game was all about defense; defensive stops, and offense created from the defense. Lady Mavericks pressured Northside in the backcourt but struggled with converting lay-ups. In turn, the Pride enforced a high 1-3-1 trap and Junior Guard Mya Potts,  had a difficult time making a pass over the towering opponents. By halftime, the score was tied 20-20. With a few adjustments in the 3rd quarter and fatigue taking a toll on both teams, Southwest began to pull away, ending the 3rd with a 6 point lead.

During the fourth quarter, there were several turnovers for both teams and Northside struggled with breaking the press. Lady Mavs kept the press on for the remainder of the game, which resulted in running an offense-defense substitution with Cailyn McCrae and Kimberly Mireles. McCrae is still recovering from an ACL injury from last season. Lady Mavs won 26-22. Senior Liavonni Eaglin led the Lady Mavs with 9 points.