Mavericks News · Three Times A Charm

By : Jessica Bravo

“After winning our last two games we were confident this game against West would be another win and it was. Though we were confident, we were also nervous because we only had one practice before game day. A big challenge in our first two games was the rotation and the substitutions. Not everyone knew where they were supposed to be or when to go in, causing the game to be backed up. But in practice, we began to practice our rotation more while still practicing serve receive like always. With the practice, we were more confident about who’s going where, but despite us learning it, some of us still didn’t know when to go in. But we didn’t let that get the best of us.


The first set went by quick, with a score of (15-25). During the second set we got overconfident and it negatively impacted the score and the team. We weren’t displaying all the hard work we’ve put in to get better. We were down by a couple points but we came together as a team and acknowledged that we were better than that. We weren’t going to let the previous set get to our heads. Won the second set with a score of (20-25). During the third set, we lost a couple of long rallies and had communication errors. After a much needed time out, we got back on the court and got our heads in the game. We had our struggles in each set but we pushed through.


Our team friend, Bubba was awarded to Leslie Flores for keeping a positive attitude on and off the court. She had a tough time during the second set, but she didn’t let the pressure and the mistakes get the best of her. We’re excited to see how much Leslie and the team as a whole grow to overcome challenges. “