Many of you may see a large cohort of students frantically running around the fields of SW.  That is your 2019 hard-working SW cross country teams, whose July summer training and 6AM dedication is producing our most successful season start yet!

We are 3 races into the 2019 season, and this past Saturday, your Mavs and Lady Mavs DOMINATED the Lutheran South Academy Invitational in Webster, TX. For the gentleman, Varsity Boys took home a 5th place finish against a stacked private school field, while the JV Boys took home a 2nd place team finish.  Our FIERCE Varsity Lady Mavs took home 2nd place team honors behind Houston’s powerhouse Second Baptist School girls squad, and our JV Girls took home 1ST PLACE HONORS, scoring a cross country PERFECT SCORE (placing 1st – 5th place).  To make it better, the 6th and 7th SW lady runners finished 6th and 7th, so JV girls pulled off a true 1st – 7th sweep!  Overall we had 12 individuals bring home medals.

With plenty more racing to come, the SWXC team is gearing up to have one heck of a season.  If you pass by an early morning XC runner in the halls, make sure to give them a high five (and probably a, “HEY WAKE UP!”) for good measure.  For a group of 40 kids that don’t really get a “home crowd” on Saturday race day mornings, yet chose to keep showing up at 6am to run circles around a field, their hard work and commitment is remarkable.

See you at the races!