Athletic Dept Info

Welcome to another year of Maverick Athletics. High school athletics is changing every day and we will continue to grow and stand up to the challenges. My goal at Maverick Nation is to create a college prep athletic environment that mimics our college prep academic program while creating excellence in sportsmanship and expecting the very best. We are honored to be role models on campus. We strive to be victorious in league play with a focus on the post-season. That mindset is our tradition and heritage as Maverick Athletics has enjoyed tremendous athletic success by boasting TISSC league championships in High School and Middle School, YES Prep League Championships, undefeated UIL district championships in division 25-2A, YKMSL Champions, TCSAAL Champions, and Cheer Competiton Winners, We will not win every game in every sport in every year. However, we will create an environment where student-athletes work as hard as they can while expecting to be successful in every competitive situation which will transfer into life skills.

Maverick Nation is an amazing place where there is new knowledge being discovered in every classroom and department. We have some of the best administrators, teachers, students, and athletes in the great state of Texas. All programs at Southwest enrich the lives of our students. The life of a scholar-athlete at Southwest is challenging but tremendously rewarding as well. We strive to prepare our scholar-athletes not only to attend college but to graduate from college which we feel is a vital part of the Southwest Maverick difference. Southwest is proud to offer an athletic program fielding 7 sports and 22 teams that enables our student-athletes an opportunity to participate in throughout the school year. We are proud that over 55% of the student body participates in athletics. Our coaching staff is made up of over 22 dedicated individuals (most are part-time staff) that work in harmony with each other on a year-round basis to ensure continuity and continued success within ALL of our programs.

I am proud of the progress we have made with promising enhancements coming soon, like this website. This year’s focus will continue to be based on sportsmanship and continued progression and growth in all programs. I will encourage our scholar-athletes to compete with passion and to do it with substance and dignity. I have always believed that success can be defined in many ways but having programs that prepare, execute, and completely exhaust themselves in the competition is the success to me. With that in mind, my charge to all involved in the Southwest athletics is to move forward in competition with great zeal while expecting the best. By doing so, you enable yourselves to recognize and make full use of the opportunities coming your way.

On behalf of our coaches, teachers, parent volunteers, students and alumni, we welcome you to Maverick Nation and thank you for your support. Through our combined efforts, we will continue to generate Unity, Perseverance, and Pride for Southwest Athletics.